Cashew French Toast

  • ½ cup “raw” cashew pieces 125 mL
  • 1 cup fortified soymilk 250 mL
  • ½ tsp vanilla 2 mL
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup 15 mL
  • 2 tsp high oleic sunflower or 10 mL
  • safflower oil
  • 6 slices of whole grain bread 6
  • In a blender, grind cashews to the consistency of a powder. 
  • Add soymilk, vanilla, and maple syrup, and puree. 
  • Pour mixture into a shallow bowl or casserole dish. 
  • Heat a heavy skillet on medium heat. (A good non-stick skillet is best; however, any heavy skillet will do. 
  • If using a nonstick skillet, lightly oil or spray the pan. 
  • Preheat pan on medium heat. If using a cast iron or other heavy skillet, generously oil the pan. 
  • Dip the bread in the cashew mixture, then place two or three pieces on the skillet (depending on skillet size). Do not overlap the French toast; instead leave a little space between pieces. 
  • Cook until nicely browned, then flip the French toast and cook on the other side. 
  • Serve hot with Jiffy Fruit Sauce , maple syrup, or chopped fresh fruit. 
Makes 6 slices.

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