Gola Roti

Ingredients :
  • Wheat Flour 100 g.
  • Besan 40 g.
  • Drumstick leaves 10 g.
  • Oil 20 g.
  • Salt to taste
  • Water as required
Method of preparation :
1. Wash and steam drumstick leaves in a covered pan.
2. Mix besan and atta with mashed leaves, add water & salt to make thick batter.
3. Heat tawa, apply oil to grease and spread the batter to form roti.
4. Fry from both sides.

Nutritive values per 100 gms :
Calories 371
Protein 11 .94 g.
Iron 7 .38 mg.
Carotene 1818 μg.


Nice, I have too had made Ghola Roti which is native to Bengal but is a lot different from yours, which region is your dish from?


Its a North Indian recipe slightly changed to South Indian style...


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