• Maida-100gm
  • Curd-1cup
  • Corn Flour-30gm
  • Hot Oil-1tbs
  • Lemon Yellow Food Colour-1/2tsp (I used Liquid Colour)
  • Sugar-1cup
  • Water-1cup
  • Oil-For deep frying
1. Mix maida, corn flour, hot oil and curd. Add food colour and enough water to make a batter slightly thinner than the dosa batter.
2. Allow it to ferment overnight.
3. Add water and sugar and bring it to boil. Let the syrup boil until it becomes sticky.
4. Keep it aside.
5. For piping Jalebis, you can use a plastic bag or a piping bag or a sauce bottle. I used a piping bag with a writing nozzle. But it gets very messy. I think, sauce bottle method will be nice.
6. Heat oil in a flat bottomed pan. When it is medium heat, pipe out jalebis into the oil.
7. Keep the sugar syrup warm when frying the jalebis.
8. Flip the jaebis when they become firm.
9. When all the bubbling has stopped, remove the jalebis and drop them into the warm syrup.
10. Let them soak for 30 seconds. Flip them and let them soak for another 20seconds.
11. Remove the jalebis from syrup and place them on a plate separately, so that they don’t stick to each other.
12. Serve warm.

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