Chalimidi is the important recipe in almost every hindu festivals.It can be prepared in two ways- cooked and uncooked.
Mostly in festivals the uncooked Chalimidi is prepared and offer to god as Naivedhyam.
Cooked Chalimidi is prepared in some special occasions as Sweet.
Here I am giving you both the ways...
Uncooked Chalimidi
  • 2 cup Raw rice (rice soaked in water)
  • 1 cup   grated Jaggery
  • Water as per required
  • 1 tsp crushed cardamom powder
  • Soak rice in water for 4-5 hours and the rice is spread out on a dry cloth and left not  dry completely.
  • Some wet is to be there in rice then ground to a fine powder.
  • To this rice powder add grated Jaggery and coarsely crushed cardamom.
  • Mix the ingredients well for a few minutes till you get smooth soft dough.
  • You can use 1-2 tsp water while mixing the rice flour and Jaggery. 
Cooked Chalimidi
  • 500 gms Rice
  • Sugar : 1Kg
  • Water : As Required
  • Cardamom : 10 (Elaichi / Yaalakkaya)
  • Ghee : ¼kg
  • Dry coconut : 2 Pieces (Endu kobbari)
  • Cashew nuts : 100 gm (Jeedi pappu)

  • Soak Rice in water overnight.
  • Next day wash Rice cleanly and wait till drained completely.
  • Grind the Rice into fine powder (Sieve to get very fine rice flour) and keep it covered.
  • Add Sugar and sufficient Water in a bowl and boil till the solution gets to a very strong sugar syrup (unda paakam).
  • Remove the bowl from stove, Grind cardamoms to fine powder and add to it.
  • Add rice powder to it slowly, stirring all the time. Make sure that no lumps are formed.
  • Add half quantity of Ghee and Mix it.
  • Heat remaining ghee in a pan and fry Coconut pieces (Small pieces), Cashew nuts.
  • Add fried Coconut pieces, Cashew nuts, Ghee and mix it.
  • Store in a air tight container.

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