Mushroom Biryani


  • Basmati rice 400gms
  • onion 150gms
  • mushroom 100gms
  • coriander powder 20gms
  • red chilli powder 10gms
  • cumin seeds 5gms
  • salt to taste
  • soya refind oil 30ml
  • soya nuggets 150gms
  • shelled green peas 60gms
  • ginger paste 10gms
  • garam masala 10 gms
  • turmeric powder 5 gms
  • water 4 cups

1.Wash rice and soak for an hour.
2.Drained the water just before cooking.
3.Soak the nuggets in warm water till they soften.
4.Chop onion,cut the mushroom and ginger to thin slices.
5.Heat soya refind oil in a thick bottomed pan.
6.Add cumin seeds,ginger ,mushroom and onion allowing enough time for indivisual ingredients to turned brown.
7.Add onions ,mushroom till they turn pink
mix some rice and fry for two- three minutes.
8.Add salt and the remaining spices except garam masala.
9.Add nuggets and peas.Fry for two minutes .
10. Add water and bring to boil.Lower heat to medium low,stirthe pulao and cover them.
11.IT will take 10-15 minute to cook.
12.Add garam masala.
13.Surved with seasoned curd and pickle.

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