Dry Fruit Ladoo

  • Cashew nuts -- 100gms
  • Raisins -- 50gms
  • Almonds -- 1/4 cup
  • Fry cashew nuts for 2 min in a low flame.Let it cool.
  • Chop cashew and almonds into fine pieces.
  • Now grind the raisins in a blender into a fine paste.
  • Mix all these ingredients.
  • The mixture is wet due to raisins paste.
  • Now take a small amount of mixture and shape it as ladoo.
  • Now the healthy ladoos are ready.
  • If you want more sweetness increase the quantity of raisins.
  • As there is no sugar.. it is very healthy and fat free.
  • The unsaturated fat in this ladoo is good for heart.
  • This ladoo consists of zinc which is helpful for curing wounds quickly.


very very tempting and addictive food guide :) looks fantastic and yummy !!


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